Platform • New Dramaturgies •, logo project
Ilia Gruev
Platform • New Dramaturgies •
The project reflects the conception of the dramaturgy like a „process of designing sense, emotion, form“. The logotype is assembled of a collection of basic elements, obtained as a result of analysis and reduction of the graphic forms of the alphabet letters.
Thus the letters are not complete symbols, but a total sum of fragments. The logotype is composed of three rows. In the middle row the elements are combined into a readable and reasonable phrase. The other two rows form a frieze of the same elements but in total disorder.
This is a graphic metaphor of the interaction between the theatrical and the real life expressed as a relation and distinction at the same time. This is a graphic metaphor of the dramaturgy and the theatre as they synthesize and rearrange the at first sight chaotic symbols and relations of the reality and decode their hidden meaning. (colour – black-white; positive – negative; chaos – order)
|1| Project – Cyrilic, Latin alphabet
|2| Basic graphic elements arranged in a digital type characters